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  • Which students may apply?
    High school students with the submission of a completed application. People from under-represented minority groups are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • What are the dates of the Summer program?
    Please look for the return of our summer program in 2025!
  • What semester is the College course (BIOL2030/PD2030)?
    The College course (BIOL2030/PD2030) occurs Spring semester.
  • Where are the programs held?
    The programs are held at the University of Cincinnati Uptown West Campus in the Department of Biological Sciences within Rieveschl Hall. Rieveschl Hall 318 College Drive Cincinnati OH 45221
  • During the summer program, what happens in case of an emergency?"
    As part of the registration process, a medical release form is provided to authorize the program staff to obtain medical treatment in the event of an accident or serious illness. As soon as it is safe to do so, the program staff will contact the parent/guardian.
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Dr. Stephanie Rollmann

Program Director | Principal Investigator

Department of Biological Sciences

University of Cincinnati

PO Box 21006

Cincinnati, OH 45221

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